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A podcast about the theatrics of life and the lives of the theatrical. 


Taking Turns To Talk is a brand spanking new shiny podcast talking about the theatrics of life and the lives of the theatrical. Our smashing host Gordon Cooper chats with a whole bunch of truly wonderful folks who have come to talk to us about all manner of things including professional BMX-ing, competitive Karaoke, Pontins, being a Doula and then we squeeze in a minute or two to talk shop about the wonderful and (sometimes not so) glamorous world of show-business. 

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Nov 21, 2020

Taking their turn this week is writer, presenter, actor and musical favourite: Matt Lucas.

Among other things, Gordon and Matt discuss their shared love and ability for the medium of dance, The Kids From Fame, and how Matt nearly was in Star Wars.

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Aug 27, 2020

Taking their turn this week is Judas himself, Ricardo Afonso. Gordon and Ricardo discuss shaking things up, the trials and tribulations of a socially distanced performance, and how brick dust is surprisingly good for the voice (please consult a qualified physician before including brick dust as part of your vocal warm up).

Jul 9, 2020

Taking their turn this week is favourite of stage and screen, Michael Jibson. 

Amongst other things, Gordon and Michael discuss being slapped by Anne Hathaway, being shot by Kevin Costner and trying in vain to kill Luke Skywalker. 

Jul 3, 2020

Taking their turn this week is star of The National Theatre' s production of Jane Eyre -  Madeleine Worrall.

Gordon and Madeleine discuss the state of the industry, lockdown thoughts of her local haberdasher, and how theatre is not a washing machine.

Jun 27, 2020

Taking their turn this week is West End favourite Killian Donnelly. 

Gordon and Killian discuss Killian's Dad's reviewing method, being a Phantom of the Opera record holder and the importance of having your own black shoes and trousers.


Now there were some technical issues with this one but Killian has agreed to come...