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A podcast about the theatrics of life and the lives of the theatrical. 


Taking Turns To Talk is a brand spanking new shiny podcast talking about the theatrics of life and the lives of the theatrical. Our smashing host Gordon Cooper chats with a whole bunch of truly wonderful folks who have come to talk to us about all manner of things including professional BMX-ing, competitive Karaoke, Pontins, being a Doula and then we squeeze in a minute or two to talk shop about the wonderful and (sometimes not so) glamorous world of show-business. 

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Sep 29, 2017

Gordon chats with Louise about BMX, being green and writing books.


Louise on Twitter

Louise's book on Amazon 


Sep 15, 2017

Gordon chats with Daddy Warbucks himself about Pontins, Trevor Nunn and the Seven Seas of Rye. 


Alex on Twitter

Annie at the Piccadilly Theatre

Taking Turns To Talk on Twitter



Sep 1, 2017

This episode Gordon chats with Summer about Frankenstein, Doula-ing, having less stuff and being happy.